Why You Probably Need More Than One Pair Of Glasses, Even If You Don’t Wear Glasses

For those people who have “perfect vision” and don’t need to wear glasses: your first pair would be some polarized sunglasses. Everyone who goes outside should be wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes. Polarized sunglasses also make it easier to see on both sunny and overcast days, and can help make driving safer. The second pair, for those non-glasses-wearing types, is a set of glasses dedicated to computer use. This pair will have lenses that reduce screen glare and the associated eye fatigue, etc. that usually comes along with prolonged computer use. Same goes for anyone walking around using a tablet or phone to work from instead of a sit-down computer.

For those people who regularly wear glasses: your first pair is likely your everyday pair. A great second pair would be prescription polarized sunglasses. See above for reasons you should be wearing sunglasses when you’re outside or driving. A great third pair is your back-up pair. What happens if you need your glasses to walk down the hall but your toddler has snatched them off your nightstand and snapped them? What do you do while your first pair is getting fixed? We all have a spare set of car keys (somewhere…), so why not a spare pair of glasses. These are the basics.

If your everyday pair of glasses (pair one) doesn’t have computer glare protection, your fourth pair could be a dedicated computer pair. For progressive wearers, this might be a pair of single vision glasses you leave at your desk. This can be super helpful if you work from more than one monitor and are constantly looking side-to-side. A single vision pair will give you the crispest vision across multiple monitors. Or you could try one of the many progressives made just for computer use: they have an area for distance viewing at the top of the lens, an area for reading at the bottom, and the widest part of the lens is dedicated to your computer range. Doctor Anker wears one of these computer progressives, the Shamir Workspace lens, and really enjoys the crisp midrange at the computer.

Your fifth pair could be a “passion” pair. Do you do extreme sports? Then a wraparound frame with a dust seal would be a good choice. Golf a lot? They make lenses particularly suited for the green. Cross-stich and needlepoint more your cup of tea? A pair of glasses with a prescription specially made for super close work. Do you like to tinker around in wood or metal shop? Then you should be wearing a pair of safety glasses with some extra side protection while you’re out there. Have a billion pairs of shoes but only one pair of glasses? Try a pair that gives you a little extra funky or fancy.
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