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Exam Special for November & December

It's getting to be that time of year in Bellingham again. Dark and rainy outside, but bright and cheery inside as we prepare for the holiday season. This year is a little less merry than before, and I think we are all feeling the stress that 2020 has brought. It's not a secret that there has been an increase of people who need to work or go to school from home. For most of us this means staring at a computer - all. day. long. 😖 Constantly exposing your eyes to a screen and blue light can make them strained and tired. Combined with the the storminess winter can bring, and the loss of financial stability many of us have experienced, the last thing we want is for you to be anxious about your vision. From now until the end of December we are offering half off comprehensive eye exams. This is a 45 minute visit with one of our optometric physicians and includes a visual field, retinal photography, eye pressure test, visual acuity test, eye health evaluation and a 2 year glasses prescription. All for only $110. Let your eyesight be the last thing you worry about, so you can focus on being safe, happy, and festive.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Staff are both helpful and knowledgeable. Always accommodating and patient. Work with you to fit your needs. They are excellent!"
    Madra L.
  • "The office is very nice snd calming. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Anker puts your mind as ease. She took time and was very thorough. I never felt rushed. I finally have a great pair of glasses that look stylish and feel good.,"
    Lisa C.
  • "Dr. Anker takes her time, is thorough and I've received excellent care from her for many years. The staff is helpful and courteous."
    Jonathan L.
  • "The staff is extremely pleasant and thorough with check-in, insurance information and billing. Dr. Ankar gives a thorough exam but also takes time to explain and clarify what she finds and answer questions. Thank you."
    Patricia R.
  • "Dr. Anker & staff are very helpful, kind, knowledgeable, & caring. They offer great customer service. They have a nice selection of frames to choose from. They take their time with each customer & don't rush their appointments. Nice environment. They also offer a referral program."
    Karie G.
  • "Wow, what a great Doc! The staff was awesome too! Helped me learn how to put in and take out my new contacts, which too a lot of patience... I love my contacts! Never had them before but thought...maybe I'll ask a doctor if its possible… YES! Can't even feel them--if you are thinking about it or looking for folks to help care for your eyes, look no further!"
    Laura S.