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Once Doctor Anker or Doctor Pan is finished thoroughly examining your eyes and writes your prescription(s), you can browse our optical shop to find your new pairs of glasses. The Optical Gallery at ClearView Eyecare offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with a variety of designer and affordable eyewear. Since we stock an extensive selection of quality frames, we can find pairs to fit a wide variety of personal styles. Our opticians are trained to match what you desire in a frame with your prescriptive needs. We believe great vision can improve your quality of life, so why not look great as well? From functional to fancy, our experienced opticians can guide you through our selection of frames.

Your optician will also help guide you through your lens options. Whether you need single vision, computer lenses, progressives, prescription sunglasses, or a specialty pair, ClearView Eyecare’s opticians will help choose the right lenses for you based on your prescriptive need and the frames you’ve chosen. We offer lenses made by Hoya, Essilor, Shamir, and others.

These lenses are made by labs here in Washington, including HoyaJorgensen Optical, and VSPOne.

For those who are interested in wearing contacts, our Doctors will take into account your prescriptive need and the shape of your cornea to determine which contact lenses might be right for you. We fit several different brands, including:

Or how about contact lenses that give you crisp vision when you’re not even wearing them?! That’s right! Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) lenses are worn overnight and gently reshape the cornea. In the morning, the contact lenses are removed, and you experience great vision without anything getting in the way.


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