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When it comes to retinal imaging, you deserve to find an optometrist in Bellingham, WA, that uses the latest in laser technology to detect vision conditions and improve eye health. At ClearView Eyecare in Northern Washington, our eye doctor uses Optomap to help protect your visual health. 

When you look for “optometry near me”, you may find our practice that can answer all of your questions. Here’s a complete Optomap FAQs. 

What is Optomap?

Optomap is the latest in retinal imaging and laser technology and we have it at ClearView Eyecare. 

Optomap uses laser imaging to quickly take a complete picture of your retina. Optomap never touches your eye, doesn’t use dilation drops, and is suitable for the whole family. 

Can You Find Optomap at an Optometrist in Bellingham, WA? 

Our optometrist in Bellingham WA offers Optomap appointments. Our eye doctor can offer Optomap as well as treatment options for any conditions we might detect. 

Answering Common Optomap FAQs

When it comes to eye health and getting treatment for vision conditions, you want to get the best you can find in Northern Washington. We put together these FAQs to answer all of your eye health questions. 

What Is an Optomap Eye Exam?

Optomap uses the latest and laser imaging technology to get a pinpoint accurate image of your retina. Our eye doctor can use this information to diagnose any potential problems with your vision and help you improve your eye health. 

Is Optomap Better than Dilation?

While Optomap isn’t strictly better than dilation, it can be much more convenient. 

What Can Optomap Detect?

This technology can detect diseases that are related to the eye. It gives us an incredibly clear picture of what's going on inside of your eye that we can use to identify problems with your visual health. 

Is Optomap Safe?

Optomap is considered totally safe for people of all ages. Our experienced eye doctor will walk you through it. Optomap only involves looking at a small dot and seeing a bright flash of light as the picture is taken. 

Get In Touch with an Eye Doctor in Northern Washington 

At ClearView Eyecare, we offer the best when it comes to retinal imaging and laser technology. Our optometrist in Bellingham, WA, uses only the best technology when it comes to your eye health. You can trust that our eye doctor will have the best diagnostic information for treating your vision conditions. 

You can call our practice in Northern Washington to get great “optometry near me” and have all your Optomap FAQs answered by our friendly staff. Call us at (360) 392 8306 today.


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