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At ClearView Eyecare we stay up to date with the latest optical technology.
This allows our Optometrists to give you the best exam possible. By keeping our
machines current we can get a clearer and more accurate picture of your eyes. 
After all - "Your eyes are a window to your health"  

Auto Refractor:

The refraction is the part of your eye exam where your prescription is measured. Essentially it is based on how much the lens of the eye has to bend light rays in order to see clearly. All of our comprehensive eye exams include an auto refraction before you see the doctor. This gives us a baseline idea of how your prescription is looking and measures the curvature of the eye.

Visual Field Test:

Your visual field is how wide of an area your eye can see when you focus on a central point. Our office administers a visual field test as part of a comprehensive eye exam to all patients over the age of 25. This helps us detect any blind spots or loss of vision.

Maestro2 OCT:

With the touch of a button we can provide you with instantaneous vascular structure information. Our OCT technology, or optical coherence tomography, in an imaging technique that uses low-coherence light to capture micrometer-resolution. This non-invasive procedure gives us a picture of the fundus of the eye - which incudes the retina, macula, optic disc, fovea, and posterior pole. 


The retina, or the back of your eye, is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. This means that a number of diseases can be detected in the retina. The Optomap is a digital image of the retina produced by Optos scanning laser technology using non-invasive, low-intensity scanning lasers. This services provides us with a complete 360 image of the retina, and helps detect conditions long before you feel any symptoms such as pain or vision loss. Getting an Optomap image is fast and painless, and often can be done in lieu of dilation. It is the only technology that can capture 82% view of your retina at one time.  During your comprehensive eye exam we offer the Optomap service for an additional $39. If you have any eye related medical conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetes, we can bill the Optomap screening to your medical insurance. For more information on the Optomap visit their website. 


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