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If you’d love to improve your vision without having to wear corrective lenses, consider the popular eye surgery known as LASIK. ClearView Eyecare, your optometrist in Bellingham, WA, happily provides consultations for this procedure as well as pre-op and post-op care, and we will refer you to a trusted surgeon.

ClearView Eyecare offers these LASIK FAQs to help you determine whether this treatment might be right for you. As your best choice in your search for ‘optometry near me,’ we are also glad to provide northern Washington residents help with any other vision conditions or eye health concerns.



What Exactly Is LASIK Surgery?

Your vision works by light entering your eye through its clear outer surface called the cornea and being refracted through tissues toward the retina at the back of your eye, where your rod and cone cells process the information. Since eyes are not perfectly round, the path, and therefore the refraction, are less than perfect. This type of eye surgery involves an eye doctor safely using a laser to refine the shape of your cornea in order to create a clearer path for better vision.

What Vision Conditions Does LASIK Correct?

The way your cornea is shaped can result in nearsightedness, which creates blurry vision of objects far away from you, or farsightedness, which is the opposite condition where you see things that are far away more clearly and not as well close-up. When the cornea has an uneven curve, it blurs vision in both near and far-fields. This eye health condition is known as astigmatism. LASIK surgery provides permanent treatment for these conditions without having to wear glasses or contact lenses.

What Are the Risks Involved with LASIK Eye Surgery?

Very few people have noticed post-op side effects such as having trouble seeing in bright light or seeing a glare. A small number of patients reported a slight dry or scratchy feeling. Both of these side effects are typically temporary in the rare cases they are seen. In most surgical procedures there is always some risk of infection where any incision is created, especially if you do not follow instructions afterward to keep the area clean.

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

The post-op process for LASIK mostly requires keeping your eyes free of bacteria, debris, strain, and stress until the incisions heal. Vision will be blurry for several hours afterward and may take up to a few months to settle into their new improved state. Minimal to no pain has been noted. Search for ‘optometry near me’ and speak with an eye doctor about whether you could benefit from this procedure.

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